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Underwater Hockey was invented in England in 1954.  Originally it was called "Octopush" - 'octo' coming from the fact that teams were comprised of 8 players and 'push' coming from the fact that the puck was pushed along the bottom of the pool - and is still known by that name in some countries.  It gradually spread thoughout the British Commonwealth and first made its way into Canada and the United States in 1962.  Today it is very popular in Australia and New Zealand, but it is also played in many other countries all around the world including; France, Germany, Turkey, the Philippines, South Africa, and of course, the United States and Canada.  Several countries hold national championships and there are annual World Championships held in varying countries.

Guelph Underwater Hockey has been established for 30 years.  Each year our biggest event is the tournament we host during College Royale where teams travel from all over Canada and the United States to come play.  Guelph is a good beginners location with the majority of the players having never herd of it before until coming to Guelph for school.  Occasionally players will come in from other clubs adding a bit of variety to the teams.

New players are alway welcome to come out at any point in the year and anyone is welcome to join.  The club is equipped with full equipment so if you have no gear you don't need to worry about it.  Your first time out is FREE, and if you plan on becoming a regular player, there is a $20 fee for the semester.  You will also have to purchase an athletics membership which is available in the lobby in the Athletics Center if you do not have one already.


When We Play
Monday 10-11pm Gold Pool
Thursday 10-11pm Red Pool
September - March
University of Guelph
Athletics Centre