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Guelph Underwater Hockey

Rules and Equipment

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Rules and Equipment
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Personal Equipment
- bathing suit
  optional for the hot tub, but required in the pool
- mask and snorkel
  a shorter snorkel is best since it reduces drag
- fins
  full-foot fins are prefered, check out the Mares product line
- stick
- glove
  can be homemade, no need to go and get all fancy
- head cap (to protect your ears)
General Equipment
- goals
- puck


Teams consist of 6 players in the water with additional subs on the sides.  The subs must stay completely out of the water.
Players are generally configured in the position of
- 3 forwards, 2 pivots, 1 defense
- 3 forwards, 1 pivot, 2 defense
The teams start at their end of the pool where the center-forwards race for posession of the puck.  From there play continues until a penalty is called or a goal is scored.  In order for a goal to be valid it must be shot from the stick into the trough of the goal.  Once a goal is scored the puck is returned to the center of the pool and another faceoff occurs.
A penalty can result from excessive rough play, holding someone so they can't move, etc.
In an official game, play periods are broken up into two 15 minute halves with a brief half-time where the teams swich sides.  This is very important if the game is taking place in a pool of uneven depths.