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Guelph Underwater Hockey

Recent and Upcoming Events

Recent and Upcoming Events
College Royal 2010
College Royal 2009
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Upcoming Events

January 21-22 - CSA Club Days in the UC
Come out and visit our display board or help recruit new players... you all remember what it was like to have the '...what is uwh...?' reaction!
March 20th - 31st Annual College Royale Tournament
This is it.  This is what we work towards the whole year.  The Guelph uwh tourney!!!  Teams travel in from all over Canada and the US to come play.
Tournament details to follow...
Upcoming Tournaments
February Michigan State University Tournament of Love, CAMO 4-on-4 Tournament
March 31st Annual College Royal Tournament (Guelph), Quebec City
April Atlantic Coast Championships, University of Illinois
There are of course many more than this - if you would like more information feel free to contact us or check out HockeyNet

Recent Events

November 14th - Level 1 Referee Clinic
Thanks tons to all who attended.  It was definitely a great time, lots of interesting discussion about some of the finer points of the rules of uwh (and clarification).  On a whole the course resulted in 10 newly certified refs - which are always needed :)
October 31st - London UWH Tournament
As the first tournament of the year and for a few of our new players it was an amazing weekend - not to mention that it was awesome to see everyone out at the banquet in full costume!